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Hand-Made Oil Paintings – Portrait To Order

Portrait might seem as a genre that requires little imagination. People that are not closely familiar with oil painting often think the task of a portraitist is limited to creating a realistic-looking copy of a person’s face. But that’s not true. Aside from demonstrating sheer skill and knowledge of palette, it’s essential to capture the personality of the model, fill their traits with life and character, make the viewer believe they actually know this person. So, as you see, every artist must also be a bit of a psychologist.


The history of the genre

Portrait painting gained wide popularity in Western Europe in the 15th century. Before the invention of photography, portraits where the only way to create and preserve images for future generations. It was impossible to imagine a noble house without a portrait gallery depicting the entire dynasty genealogy. Thanks to them, we can now imagine how all those great kings and queens actually looked. Many of the paintings created by artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens and others have entered the classic collection of world’s art. Modern painters have introduced their own understanding of the genre. Today, in the age of progressive technologies, anyone who knows how to handle a camera can create a high-quality digital portrait in a matter of seconds. But, nevertheless, hand-painted portraits haven’t lost their romantic charm. They are still in demand and people gladly order them as a memory or a gift to their dear ones. If you, too, want to have a nice oil portrait on your wall, we are happy to help you!


Get a portrait of your own!

Out of all types of oil paintings, portrait requires the biggest amount of work, not only from the artist, but also from the person being painted. There are many factors that should be considered in the process. Here are some of the aspects you might want to pay special attention to.

  • - Canvas orientation
  • - Position of the model
  • - Basic palette for complexion, hair and clothes
  • - Various painting techniques
  • - Lighting and background


Our experienced and talented artists will create a stunning portrait of you or any other person of your choice based on a provided photo. Natural colors and vivid oil paints will make your strong sides even more conspicuous! Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our exclusive offer and order a hand-made oil portrait that will keep precious memories alive for you!