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Wedding Portrait


Out of all of the events you will experience in your life, your wedding day will probably be among the most memorable and treasured.  Weddings are not only occasions where you express your undying love and commitment to your partner, but also events where you personally choose every aspect from food to flowers.  It is only natural you have photographs taken in order to permanently capture the memories of this happy day in order for you to revisit this time years down the road whenever you feel the desire.

 However, have you ever though about having an oil painting commissioned from a wedding photograph?  If you have not, you should as these paintings make truly unique wedding gifts for yourself, your spouse, or others. 

 The Benefits of Oil Paintings for Unusual Wedding Gifts

 Most people do not consider the fact that photographs do not last forever.  Let's face it.  No man made material ever does; however, oil paintings of a wedding portrait for unique wedding gifts will last a lot longer than any photographs can.  Also, oil paintings make for quite unusual wedding gifts that stand out among the usual, boring picture frames, vases, decor items, and other ho-hum gift ideas.  So if you have photos turned into paintings for unusual wedding gifts, you will be getting a wedding portrait of gallery quality created by artists using only handmade techniques.

 Ideas for Styles and Photos to Use for Unique Wedding Gifts

 The styles and photos you can use for unique wedding gifts are endless.  For example, if you had a beach wedding ceremony, you could have bright oil colors used for your unusual wedding gifts to invoke the happy feelings you remember having that day.  Or if your ceremony was small and intimate,

soft, muted colors might be a better choice.  And of course, the size of your wedding portrait is entirely up to you.  So if you are leaning more towards unusual wedding gifts of oil portraits to hang above your fireplace's mantle, it is certainly a possibility.  Or if you want a smaller size for your unique wedding gifts of oil portraits that sits perfectly on an end table, you can have that done as well.  The sky is the limit. 

Choosing the Right Photo for Your Wedding Portrait

If you happen to be looking for photos for the unique wedding gifts to present to your family member or friend who has recently been married, but you are clueless as how to get a hold of some, use the pictures you shot yourself.  And if you cannot decide among the pictures you have in your hand, choose several out of the bunch and the artist will be able to compile them together for one, great wedding portrait for your unique wedding gifts. 

 While it is true that memories are forgotten and become unclear over time, the love on that special day never will, which is why permanently rendering this day as a wedding portrait for unique wedding gifts is the ideal way to make memories that literally last a lifetime.