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Are prints better than paintings?

Looking around you, you will probably see more prints than paintings hanging on walls. Why is that?

  • Do people just like prints better?
  • Is it easier to buy a print?
  • Or maybe a print lasts longer?
  • Any other reasons?

The answer is that some people have to compromise on the quality of what they hang on their walls by hanging prints which are not as alive and impressive as a Handmade Oil Painting.

There are several reasons why prints are more common:

 1)     Budget

Hanging a handmade piece of art on the wall may become a very expensive experience. Handmade Paintings require costly materials and equipment – canvas, brushes, pallets, paints, a stand, and so on. In addition, a professional painter must invest  time and passion in the painting, while a print is made impersonally by a machine.
Having the opportunity to buy a painting at almost the same price of a print is the best solution for a limited budget.

 2)     Time

Since prints are much easier to make, they are offered for sale in many places and are a common product. Paintings are rare since not many people can afford to buy paintings at gallery prices (thus creating a low demand). Another reason is that paintings cannot be painted as fast as prints are printed (for example – it can take 2 weeks to complete an oil painting, a period in which millions prints can be produced!).
Since handmade paintings are not very common, finding the right piece of art can be a time-consuming task.
Visiting a place or a website with a vast variety of paintings offers the perfect solution for finding pieces you like quickly and easily.

 3)     Variety

It is hard to find the best painting for your space when your choice is limited. While art-shops that sell prints offer a large selection, most art galleries offer much more limited collections.
An online gallery does not suffer from the physical limitations of an art gallery and can provide numerous options from which you can choose.

Let us paint any painting you wish!