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Musical Instruments II

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes, the insruments are painted partly with a pallet knife.

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Starting from $134

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Music is everywhere

Various sounds accompany us every day and we can clearly say which tunes we like and which we don’t. Melodies follow us in bird’s singing, on the radio, in our mp3 players, in malls and supermarkets. We are used to these sweet and discreet sounds and often forget how powerful they are. Music is a unique phenomenon that can cure and bring us down through the power of sound. When you hear your favorite song, your heart starts beating faster and you feel happier. This incredible ability of music has made it a popular theme in other types of art as well, including contemporary paintings. When you see them in the canvas, you can feel those vibrations of cords and hear this mute music deep in your soul.

The charming trio

  1. - The first instrument we see in the painting is a red guitar. The artist probably chose such color because this instrument is considered to be one of the most passionate and emotional. It is also often associated with a female body, and its prominent color lets us know that it is the queen here.
  2. - A trumpet is depicted close to the guitar and it is pointing to the sky, granting its wonderful sound to everyone around. It is thin and gentle, and you may be surprised with the profound tone it can give.
  3. - The trio is complemented by a tuba, but it seems to be smaller than the other instruments despite the loud sound it gives. It looks into the opposite direction and we can guess that its role is just complimentary.
  4. - You can also notice a music sheet in the background, so if you are able to read notes, you can easily distinguish what composition is mentioned.


The perfect harmony

All instruments are depicted partially, as if they are merging into another. In much the same way, while listening to a beautiful composition, you dissolve in sounds and can’t distinguish one element of music from the other, only the harmony they create together. Each layer of paint adds volume to the instruments, and they look so real that you feel like taking them into your own hands and start extracting the music that sounds in your head. There is nothing extra in this canvas: only the delicate outlines of the instruments that long for the sweet touch of your imagination, and they will gladly sing their song of life and love!