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Metamorphosis C

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting combines a few layers which are painted with brush and then additional layers painted with a Pallet Knife.

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Starting from $134

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Metamorphosis C

Change is life, life is change

Everything is changing. Every day, every minute, right as you are reading this. That’s how the universe works. And if processes that make atoms cling to each other, break up and reassemble in a ceaseless dance of transformations suddenly stopped, these words wouldn’t have any sense because there would be no one to read them and no one to write them and the picture we are talking about would never appear. Yes, change is crucial, because no change means only one thing - death. Too bad we so rarely realize it. Perhaps, having this picture around will make you more conscious of this ethereal life fact.


The moment of transformation

If you are a fan of traditional art looking for some nice landscape painting with blue rivers and blooming meadows, this is definitely not your station. However, if you are in love with abstract paintings, ‘Metamorphosis C’ will fit your taste just fine. This simple-looking yet highly associative peace of contemporary art depicts something resembling fragments of shattered glass frozen in the very instance of breaking. You can really feel the impact that has set the entire scene in motion - its power, tension and energy. The sense of dynamics is supported by vigorous white, black and silver shafts that might represent light, movement or some other mysterious distortions caused by an unknown event.


Yes, the picture includes quite a lot of intrigue and leaves pretty much room for speculation. Looking at this strange arrangement of flying shapes, we can’t exactly understand what they used to be nor what they will be the next second. To start with, we can’t even say what happened. And if you try to figure this out, you will likely end up with a pile of dead-end questions:


-    Has something been destroyed?

-    Or is something being constructed?

-    Perhaps it’s simply turning into something else?

-    Will there be more or less of it once it’s over?

-    Will it even be over?


And so on and so forth. The object of the painting remains totally ambiguous and the trick is that it’s not even important. What we see instead is an ongoing process without a beginning, goal or outcome, a pure gerund, absolute immediacy - in one word, metamorphosis as it is. So if you like to brood over the order of things when left alone in your room, this painting might become a great meditation object for you!