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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $134

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The pitfalls and pleasures of home trimming

Redecorating is a thrilling yet challenging quest. Planning everything out, making transportation, interior painting, wiring and plumbing arrangements, calculating the final cost of the project - all this can be a real headache. But when you see how beautiful and cozy your home becomes by the day, you feel like all your hardships have been worth it after all. Finally, there comes a moment when everything is done. Surfaces sparkle with fresh paint, the furniture is moved into position and the whole place looks as if it just came off a magazine cover. But it’s not over yet! Time to shift your attention to details and nuances - throwing a hand-stitched pillow, putting an antique figurine on the mantelpiece and, of course, covering the blankness of the walls with a nice picture. Like this one.

When it began

An abstract painting is always more than it immediately offers. But it’s up to you to delve into its metaphorical depths or linger on a brightly colored surface. The canvas before you is called ‘Genesis.’ As much as we can imply from its name, it shows the start of something, the establishment of a new entity. Giving no direct clues to what it is, the author sends us on a wild guessing trip. And if you are indeed into abstract art, you must be thrilled with this game! So, what can we possibly arrive at?


-    Fiery colors and circular patterns evoke associations with spurts of flame locked into some kind of  intense interaction amidst a black void. This very closely resembles the process of star formation. As such, curved red and orange lines might represent swirling jets of incandescent gas pulled into one massive heated sphere by gravitational forces.

-    The structure may also refer to biological genesis illustrating the emergence of a blood cell or possibly even the rise of a new species. Viscous scarlet threads tangled into a pulsating capsule are well aligned with images of processes and fluids running in our body.

-    Finally, this may simply be a metaphor of human feelings. Whether you see it as a spark of first love or a burst of fury, this is definitely something very intense - and very explosive. Perhaps it should be even interpreted as the birth of human soul as it is!


Whatever the possible explanations are, you can’t deny that the image is very spectacular and thought-provoking. Finding a place for it on your wall will instantly give any room a stylish, sophisticated and brighter look!