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Amedeo Modigliani Jeanne

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Amedeo Modigliani Jeanne Reproduction combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $149

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Amedeo Modigliani ‘Jeanne’

Creative people derive inspiration from their inner world. They can be easily touched the beauty of nature or wounded by social injustice. However, one of the things that affect the artist’s emotional state most is love. A woman admired by the painter becomes his infinite muse and keeps appearing in his works until their relationship lasts and sometimes even longer. Over the years, the image of the beloved one changes as the author experiments with colors and postures, but she still remains the main source of his artistic endeavors.

Through love and pain

Jeanne Hébuterne, who is depicted in the canvas, was the principal subject for Amedeo Modigliani’s paintings. Their relationship could hardly be called easy as the girl’s parents were always against the marriage. The family with a conservative background was ashamed of their daughter’s choice:

  • - Amedeo had a negative reputation as a drug user and alcoholic.
  • - Moreover, his works weren’t readily accepted by the public. That’s why his first one-man exhibition was closed by the police in 1917.
  • - He didn’t ask Jeanne to marry him when she gave birth to a child.


Despite these difficulties, the young woman never left Modigliani. Even after his rapid death from tubercular meningitis, she followed her beloved one, throwing herself out of the window and killing her unborn child.

Jeanne, one and only

This story of eternal love will be engraved forever in Modigliani’s modern art painting called ‘Jeanne’. As opposed to other women, he never depicted Héburterne in the nude. In this work, the artist draws our attention to her tenderness and femininity rather than turning Jeanne into an object of erotic desire. The movements of her hands, the exquisite curve of her neck and even her bared decollette emphasize Jeanne’s beauty and grace. Together with a neat hairdo and elegant clothes, she makes an impression of a noble young lady. There is nothing vulgar in her face too – it’s calm and peaceful. The background colors harmonize with the main palette but don’t prevail over it. Modigliani doesn’t include any details except for a wooden chair. Thus, Héburterne’s representation remains crucial for the viewer

Carefully copied from the original stroke after stroke, this reproduction of ‘Jeanne’ by Amedeo Modigliani is 100% hand-painted on a high-quality cotton canvas. It will make an amazing decoration for your place while also offering a great topic for an intellectual discussion. As long as this portrait tells the story of real love and adoration!