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Chen Shuren Spring Scenery of Linnan

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Chen Shuren painting combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $149

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Chen Shuren ‘Spring Scenery of Linnan’

Images of trees were of particular significance to Chinese artists. Captivated by the elegance and diversity of nature, they depicted a wide range of plants, insects and birds reflecting nearly the entire spectrum of wildlife in the region. Delicate shapes and graceful silhouettes carefully drawn in ink charm us with their laconic subtlety and exotic romance. However, these are so much more than just lovely landscapes. Rather than plainly copying the beauty of the surrounding world, they express the author’s refined talent and metaphorically represent thoughts and moods familiar to every human being.

Tree symbolism in Chinese art

Growing tall and strong, abundantly blooming in spring and yielding fruit in autumn, trees symbolize the force of life and the wheel of seasons, longevity and wealth, stability and vigor, and the bond with earth we all share. They are rooted deep in the ground and remain unshaken by the fiercest winds; they can’t be killed by frost and inevitably come back to life every year caressing our eye with colorful flowers. Even if a tree has been cut down and there is only a stump left, it can shoot another sapling and grow back. In many cultures, trees are viewed as the link between the underworld, the realm of mortals and heaven. They also signify wisdom and patience, stamina and willpower. Finally, Chinese artists often used tree imagery to represent harmony and femininity.

Classic images in modern interpretation

Relying on typical Chinese motifs and devices, Chen Shuren allows himself to modernize the classic style of the old masters making it more spontaneous and expressive:

  • - Unlike traditional bird-and-flower paintings, ‘Spring Scenery of Linnan’ has some sort of perspective. A web of branches heavy with fresh red blossom divides the composition into multiple layers as evidenced by gradation of colors and change of focus. For elements that are close to us, the artist uses brighter shades and cleaner strokes, while distant planes appear a bit blurred.
  • - Quick sweeping strokes and casual dabs are also uncharacteristic of traditional Chinese art with its strict and accurate lines. They help Chen Shuren convey the vivid and dynamic character of the composition, also supported by the images of two flying birds. We can actually feel it: a nice, clear day, a shroud of flower fragrance in the air, light wind stirring gentle petals… The scenery comes alive before our eyes.
  • - The artist chose to paint a blooming ceiba because it was his favorite tree standing for vigor, spirituality and new beginnings. Here ceiba tree represents Shuren’s own budding aspirations and high ambitions.


Painting pictures like that requires a great deal of technical perfection and poetic vision of the world. However, our experts managed to reproduce it incredibly close to the original! Enjoy the authentic palette and style of Chen Shuren’s landscape in our premium oil replica that is 100% hand-painted and very affordable!