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Claude Monet The Marina at Argenteuil

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Claude Monet The Marina at Argenteuil Reproduction combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $149

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Claude Monet ‘The Marina at Argenteuil’

A moment that lasts

Modern painting has changed our perception of reality. We’ve learned to see the world in new colors, notice subtle details and small things that join together into a scene capable of making our heart flutter. We’ve learned to trust our feelings more than our eyes and rely on our immediate perception in evaluating a work of art. ‘The Marina at Argenteuil’ by famous French artist Claude Monet is all about that – a transient impression caught on the tip of a brush, one of the many moments that leave another stroke on the canvas of our life.

The painting shows a lovely water view in Argenteuil on a sunny day.  The place lies in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, along the bank of the Seine. With its warm climate and peaceful sceneries, it has long become a popular resort among capital dwellers. Claude Monet also came there repeatedly to take a break from urban fuss and find inspiration. Looking at ‘The Marina at Argenteuil,’ we can see that he definitely succeeded in his quest! This gentle, airy seascape invites us to put away all our troubles and dissolve in the dreamy haze spilled over the bay. So let’s follow Monet’s steps and keep him company on this delightful countryside promenade!

Peculiarities of the composition

  • We find ourselves in a beautiful park overgrown with tall trees rising to the left. Their shadows fall across the lawn creating a stripy pattern that crosses the footpath – two winding tracks trodden in the grass. The bank, barely visible beneath lush vegetation, slopes off forming a soft, elegant line; in the distance, we can see silhouettes of people taking a stroll along the riverside and having picnics near the water.
  • To the right, we can catch a glimpse of the Seine, its smooth surface reflecting the busy vessels and the graceful outline of the bridge looming on the horizon. A couple of boats filled with passengers have just pulled off; we can trace the figures of women in long dresses holding lacy parasols over their heads. A bit further, there are two white sails making their way down the river.
  • Finally, the largest portion of the canvas is occupied by the clear blue sky. With huge fluffy clouds descending down to the very horizon, it seems to expand with every second inevitably drawing our full attention. Very light, tender and serene, this splendid scenery painted in shades of blue, green and white is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable modern paintings worthy of checking out.


Almost Monet

A landscape like ‘The Marine at Argenteuil’ will surely look great at any place. And you can have it at yours by ordering a highly precise, 100% hand-painted replica of the painting on our site. You will be stunned by how well it repeats Monet’s original palette and brushwork! Hang a piece of summer on your wall and take a walk through the 19th century Argenteuil whenever you need a timeout!