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Claude Monet Woman with a Parasol

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Claude Monet Woman with a Parasol Reproduction combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $149

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Claude Monet ‘Woman With a Parasol’

We know Monet as a master of plen air painting. Capturing ‘live’ colors and fleeting light effects, he managed to create incredibly vivid, appealing images, meaningful in their pointlessness and profound in their superficiality. One of them is ‘Woman With a Parasol’ picturing Monet’s wife Camille and their seven-year-old son Jean. The work was created between 1871 and 1877 when the family was living in Argenteuil, during one of their walks on a summer day. The character of the strokes suggests that it could be made in a single session of just a few hours. Looking at the painting, we can definitely say that sometimes masterpieces are born right on the spot, just like it happened to the mysterious lady on the canvas and her parasol. 

Carpe momentum!

Our life is a chain of moments. We think of it as a never-ceasing stream, but our memory is really made of individual episodes that impressed us years ago. Even though they can be very small compared to other important events, we still remember every detail and it gives us a feeling that our life hasn’t been in vain. ‘Woman With a Parasol’ is a rare jewel from Monet’s memory box.

Barely touching the canvas with his brush, the artist covers it with gentle splashes of color. His weightless and spontaneous manner adds even more airiness to this wonderful sunny day. Light wind plays with Madame Monet’s veil and dress, both ethereally white against an azure sky. Surrounded with a cascade of meringue tissues, she seems to be more akin to the clouds above her head, whimsically transformed by an idle eye. Her parasol is juicy green, just like her shadow on the grass. Further away, we can see a silhouette of the boy partly hidden the rising ground. The artist painted him only from the waist up to create perspective. Together, the mother and the son form a lovely, touching duo that’s amazingly in tune with the serenity of the landscape.

Monet in your home

Few people saw the original work with their own eyes. Luckily, we offer a top-quality replica of Claude Monet ‘Woman With a Parasol’ that looks exactly like its prototype! The reproduction is hand-painted in oil on premium canvas and retains all features of the artist’s style:

  • - Vibrant yet tender palette
  • - Short delicate strokes
  • - Light, ‘windy’ composition


So if you ever feel like taking a stroll with the Monet family, just cast a glance at the painting!