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Gustav Klimt The Kiss

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Gustav Klimt The Kiss Reproduction is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $149

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Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’


Gustav Klimt was a scandalous artist. He painted whatever he liked the way he liked and didn’t care about ‘noble standards’ of high art. Often ground-breaking, sexually explicit and shocking to the public, his works challenge our visual perception and make us wonder whether we even remotely understand the message encoded in all those tricky images and unexpected colors. One of Klimt’s most discussed and praised paintings is ‘The Kiss.’

Patterns of intimacy

The canvas portrays a couple of lovers locked in a tight and fervent embrace. They are so close that their bodies merge together into one massive patterned silhouette. Both are wearing intricately embellished robes, the man being entwined in a golden cloak with irregular black and white rectangles and the woman pictured in a skin-tight dress with flower motifs. She also has flowers in her hair and the fringe of her golden robe streams down her bare feet into the grass like budding tree branches. The two seem to be standing on a patch of blooming meadow that abruptly changes into a flat shimmering background. A strange mix of minimalistic imagery and uncompromised opulence, this unique work gains ever more depth with every new cultural reference you find.

Compositional peculiarities

  • - Unlike most paintings of the time oriented either horizontally or vertically, ‘The Kiss’ is a perfect square.
  • - The man’s head is placed at the very top of the painting, which is uncommon for Western art. Such composition is thought to be the influence of Japanese prints.
  • - Klimt applied layers of gold leaf to the canvas imitating medieval mosaics he saw in the Church of San Vitale.
  • - The patterns on the couple’s clothing are reminiscent of the modern Art Nouveau style and the earlier Arts and Crafts concept.
  • - The painting is thought to represent Klimt himself and his partner Emilie Flöge. Some also believe it depicts Apollo kissing Daphne at the moment she turns into a laurel tree, as narrated in a Greek myth.


As such, ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt can be viewed not only as a striking work of art, but also as a collage of styles and designs contributing to its evocative effect. Having a painting like that at home would be great luck. Don’t be disappointed, it is still possible if you order this carefully painted oil reproduction of Klimt’s best-known canvas. With every shade mixed according to the original palette and every stroke painstakingly copied from the artist’s brushwork, the replica gives a very good idea of the actual thing. Add style and sensuality to your interior by making Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’ a centerpiece of your room