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J. M. W. Turner The Pass of St. Gotthard, Switzerland

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This J. M. W. Turner The Pass of St. Gotthard, Switzerland Reproduction is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $149

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J. M. W. Turner ‘The Pass of St. Gotthard, Switzerland’

A shift from old values to a new artistic movement never happens in just one day. It’s a long and complex process that involves continuous analysis, a good deal of reinterpretation and creative insight. That explains the appearance of transitional figures forming a link between the two epochs and incorporating both old and new traits in their work that looks like nothing created before and after. One of such pivotal roles belongs to J. M. W. Turner, an English Romanticist artist famous for his elegant, atmospheric landscapes. Because of his delicate treatment of light, Turner’s paintings are often viewed as a preface to Impressionism. Let’s take a look at one of his best-known works, ‘The Pass of St. Gotthard, Switzerland.’

A journey through the Alps

If you are fascinated with the noble beauty of the mountains, you should definitely see the Gotthard Pass – a route in the Alps that connects northern and southern Switzerland. The magnificence of this breathtaking panorama is brilliantly conveyed in Turner’s signature landscape:

  • - Rising proudly on both sides of the canvas, the ancient mountains are full of might and greatness. They’ve been standing here for thousands of years, unshaken by the fiercest storms, steadfast and constant as the very foundations of life. The artist has skillfully depicted all the small crevices and irregularities of the sturdy rock gently lit by the sun.
  • - The cliffs precipitate into a head-spinning abyss filled by curling clouds. It seems so bottomless that your heart stops at the thought of gazing down there. An old stone bridge arching along the edge of the mountain looks tiny and fragile against the giant mass of rock it’s carved in. It’s almost unnoticeable next to its overwhelming power.
  •  - In the distance, we can see a chain of snow-covered mountain tops that gradually retreat from our sight until they get lost in a white haze. A patch of blue sky overhead suggests the day is fine and clear, but its crystal depth is marred by ominous gray clouds crawling from over the horizon, heavy with fresh snow.


Feel the pulse of the mountains

A painting like this will undoubtedly refine any interior and spruce up your bare walls with new, exquisite colors. And even though you can’t have Turner’s actual work, there is a decent alternative – our premium oil reproduction, fully hand-painted by an experienced artist who meticulously copied the style and palette of the original. Open a window to the Alps in your room and find inspiration in this majestic scenery born on the boundary between two art periods!