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Kandinsky Farbstudie Quadrate

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Wassily Kandinsky painting combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Starting from $149

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Farbstudie Quadrate by Wassily Kandinsky

Late bloomer

Wassily Kandinsky, an influential Russian-born artist and theorist, is also known worldwide as the creator of the very first purely abstract paintings. He started pursuing his painting career and studying art quite latein his life, at the age of 30, probably inspired by Monet’s Haystacks. Since then, Kandinsky had established himself as a true poet of abstract art praising its transcendental nature. He often compared the process of creating art to the work of a music composer. In his paintings, the artist avidly exploited the color-form relation to create a unique aesthetic experience that would captivate not only the viewer’s visual but also audial senses.

Can you hear my painting?

Interesting fact: it’s believed that Kandinsky had synaesthesia, a harmless medical condition that allows to percept two or more senses simultaneously. In Kandindky’s case, he could “hear” colors and “see” sounds. Upon receiving a certain visual stimulus, Kandinsky’s brain produced the impression of the certain sounds or musical notes and vice versa. So, he believed that through creating object-free, purely abstract paintings, he would trigger the sensation of sounds in the viewer’s mind. For Kandinsky, painting was not just a form of art but a form of worship, a deeply spiritual product of creativity that speaks to everyone through a universal visual language.

When color makes music

Kandinsky’s deep belief in the ability of color to evoke spiritual resonance in every viewer’s soul is accurately represented by Farbstudie Quadrate. Also known as Squares with Concentric Circles, this is probably the artist’s most recognizable work. However, not everyone knows that this drawing was just meant to be an experiment on how different color combinations are perceived. Perhaps Kandinsky had been using it later in his painting process as a support material. Even thoughit’s not a full-fledged picture, we can clearly see the artist’s perspective on how different colors interact with each other on the canvas. It actually makes a lot of sense that, many years later, one of the most popular works of a man whose abstract art made history in the 20th century is considered to be this small theoretical drawing.

On our site, you can buy this amazing hand-painted oil reproduction of Farbstudie Quadrate by Kandinskyexquisitely recreated to near perfection. You will receive:

  • - A brilliantly performed oil painting on premium canvas. We use no printing technologies.
  • - A piece of art that’s totally unique. No two paintings are the same!
  • - An ability to enjoy the abstract art masterpiece as it was meant by the artist himself


Give your living space a modern touch by decorating it with skillfully colored squares and circles. There is no need to settle for a cheap-looking print when you can add high class and style to your place with a gallery-quality oil reproduction. It will definitely make your guests admire your sophisticate taste!