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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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In our busy life, it’s often hard to find spare time to simply sit back, clear our head and enjoy a moment of peace and calmness. Always in a hurry, always thinking of endless problems and responsibilities, we have forgotten how to relax and feel happy for no reason, just because we are alive and the world around us is beautiful. No wonder we are constantly so nervous and depressed! There is only one cure that can take care of that – art. This poetic seascape will take heavy thoughts away and fix your bad mood in the blink of an eye!

Poetry of nature

Sunset is perhaps the most romantic time of the day. For a few minutes, everything around you stands still and quiet, as if hushed by the solemnity of the moment. You, too, freeze in your tracks, mesmerized by the marvelous sight unfolding before your eyes. Set ablaze by the dying sun, the rolling sea waves sparkle with gold and scarlet colors that burn spectacularly on their undulating surface. The water and the sky seem to continue each other sounding together as one majestic symphony. Using dramatic contrasts between warm and cold shades, the artist creates a lovely play of light that reveals the entire magnificence of the sunset palette, while thick layers of paint add depth and perspective to the scene. On the horizon, we can trace out a shadow of a distant shore, almost black against the glowing sky. Otherwise there is nothing breaking this smooth glittering expanse of water stretching as far as the eye can see. Colorful, poetic and a bit thoughtful, this seascape will carry you far from all the troubles and give you a minute of undisturbed contemplation – just you and the sunset…

Cure for stress

Decorating your home with views of the open sea is a trend that will always remain relevant. Skillfully performed in oil and available at low cost in a variety of sizes, this amazing painting will make a nice addition to any room:

  • - It will refresh and refine your living room
  • - Add romance and intimacy to your bedroom
  • - Inspire you from the office wall


Wherever you decide to put it, ‘Relaxation’ will create a serene, harmonious atmosphere in any room and help you wind down after a particularly stressful day. Just look at the canvas – and you will hear the gentle splashing of waves, feel the warmth of the setting sun on your skin and a long-forgotten blissful sensation whispering you that everything is going to be all right…