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Magic Garden with Sea View

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with a thick brush in order to create many layers and achieve presence. The delicate and detailed parts are painted with the fine edge of the brush. This painting has a lot of depth which gives the sensation of a real landscape.

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Starting from $134

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Magic Garden with Sea View

The world of our fantasies

All of us are dreamers, and we have different aspirations. Some people long for a big family, others find happiness in a huge amount of money and most of us want peace on earth. But there is one common thing for all citizens of our planet, and it is a passion for traveling.  No matter what your life priorities are, you will always wish to visit new places, explore unusual locations, enjoy the sights and do many other interesting things. Going on a journey to a different country, you can get a glimpse of unique sceneries, see historical landmarks and learn about a foreign culture.And of course, taking a break from our daily routine. Who doesn’t dream of a nice villa somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, where we can relax and forget about all our troubles? Unfortunately, not so many of us can afford such luxury, but we can enjoy it in pictures and canvases! If you are looking for beautiful and inspiring art paintings and wall decor for sale, the Magic Garden is waiting for you!

A breathtaking view

·        The main part of the canvas is occupied by the terrace filled with varicolored plants. It is built in the Ancient Greek style with tall graceful columns forming two perfect lines. The arch has no roof, and you can enjoy delicate sun beams caressing your skin and giving your their gentle warmth. The arch ends in tall bushes and the background is covered with soft green strokes.

·        Flowers are everywhere on the terrace. Some stand on the ground in neat brown pots while others wind around the columns forming a green shade over the arch. Tender white, friendly yellow, romantic pink and passionate red buds spread magic scents in the air.

·       In the distance, you may notice an undulating water surface telling us that we are on the sea shore. The coastline consists of high hills. There is no trace of any beach, but you can notice a couple of yachts in the sea. The scenery is permeated with serenity and calmness and you can create the same atmosphere in your home by decorating it with this lovely landscape!