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Beautiful Purple Field I

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Starting from $134

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes and a pallet knife in order to create some texture. The flowers in the front create additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $134

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Beautiful Purple Field

Can an artwork be cheap?

If you are used to granting a soul to your apartment, then you must know how difficult it may be to find the ideal decoration for your interior design. Nowadays you can choose any kind of garnish, and all you should do is just carefully study all the examples you see, and pick the one that corresponds to your taste. Here you may observe a nice example of affordable art, because this painting looks very expensive while costing a fairly little amount of money.

- You may choose the size of the canvas, according to the parameters of your apartment, including the height of the walls and furnishings. Bigger paintings cost more, and you can see the sizes and surcharge at the bottom of the page.

- The combination of gentle and strong strokes give the necessary volume to the painting, making the scenery beautiful and profound.

- Such landscape will find its place in any interior design, and will become an eye-catcher to every guest who visits your house.

Somewhere in the country

What can be better than having a rest in a place that is far from big city rush, and allows you to feel unity with nature? Imagine that you forget about all your troubles and daily routine, and take a ride to a place that doesn’t seem to be touched by technical progress. The first thing you see is the endless field that is stretching as far your eyes can reach. It is violet because of the big flowers that form some type of a carpet, so densely they grow. This field isn’t homogenous, because the light plays on the petals, and the hues are ranging from deep purple to light blue, and even white. You may observe contrasting red blossom that forms a certain pattern and adds liveliness to the scenery. The field is lined with small bushes of green and red color, and you can’t say whether they are of different types, or the seasonal change touches them in turn. Far in the background, there are a couple of small houses, and you can only imagine how happy those residents are. The peaceful field ends with a brown herbless hill that meets the sky and ethereal clouds that are floating there.