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A wide Field in Ireland

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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A Wide Field in Ireland

Paintings that never go out of fashion

We love everything unusual and tricky. Contemporary artists go over their heads trying to impress us with new, extravagant images and techniques. However, sometimes we just need something simple and familiar, something we can relate to and enjoy without overloading our brain. That’s why traditional paintings like this one will never lose popularity. A beautiful, romantic landscape depicting a scenic fragment of idyllic Irish nature will give pleasure and rest to your eyes while also creating a soft, relaxing ambience in the room. 

Magic around us 

The picture is created with a high degree of realism. The size, shape and proportions of its components are accurately measured and balanced; there is a well-built perspective and the view is generally recognizable. However, the artist uses an exaggerated palette to enhance the visual effect of the work and add brighter, more emotional hues to the scenery. Pay attention to the following elements:


-    The grass is greener than it actually is. Its vibrancy is just on the verge of plausibility.

-    Shades of orange are purposefully intensified. In real life, they would be muted and therefore less visible.

-    The sky is too blue and there are also streaks of orange echoing the palette of the field.


As a result, the artist achieves a spectacular contrast that ties together different planes of the painting. The whole scenery looks realistic and unreal at the same time. It seems you just had a glimpse of another dimension, an amazing world of Irish folk tales where magic exists and miracles happen. Picturesquely winding into the distance, the bumpy field road invites you to wonder what’s there, over the horizon. Two trees standing by each side of the road seem to mark some sort of a transition; they resemble a gate or portal between the two sides of reality - your daily reality surrounding you in your room as you stand there looking at the canvas and the colorful, magical world painted by the artist. Which one will you choose? Will you remain just an observer or risk and take a step towards the unknown? It’s up to you to decide! Hopefully, having this marvelous landscape around will make you more daring in following your dreams and inspire you to believe in good old tales with their happy ending!