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A Streeet in Spain

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with a thick brush in order to create many layers and achieve presence. The delicate and detailed parts are painted with the fine edge of the brush. This painting has a lot of depth which gives the sensation of a real landscape.

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Starting from $134

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A Street in Spain

Artists and cities

The genre of landscape has always been one of the most popular choices for all art lovers. Ever since ancient times, beautiful views of nature captured by a talented hand have decorated the palaces of the greatest kings and humble homes of mere citizens alike. Of course, contemporary artists are more fascinated with panoramas of various cities, and if you are looking for a nice sample of modern wall décor to spruce up your interior, this is exactly the kind of art you should pay close attention to. Giant metropolises filled with neon lights, quiet rainy parks covered with fallen leaves or tiny red-roofed villages lit up by the sun – among this diversity of themes, everyone will easily choose the image that appeals to them most. This wonderful oil painting invites you to take a trip to Spain and enjoy a lovely panorama of an old coastal town that will surely make a great decoration for your room!

Idyllic view

  • - The landscape carries us to a quiet narrow street somewhere in a small Spanish town. It’s winding between the houses overgrown with bright-colored flowers, down to the blue mirror of the sea visible in the distance.
  • - We can see that the buildings are rather old, probably built a couple of centuries ago. Fanciful architectural elements, colorful roofs and curiously shaped windows give each home in the street a unique look.
  • - The abundance of vegetation makes the picture very cozy and pleasing to the eye.  We can almost smell the rich aroma of the flowers, tasty smells coming from someone’s kitchen and hear idle talk from an open window.
  • - A fragment of the sea with silhouettes of white sails gliding over its smooth surface and the low-hanging sky covered with fluffy clouds set a dreamy, romantic mood for this marvelous painting.
  • - Multiple layers of paint add perspective and depth to the compositions, while finely outlined details provide complexity and plausibility of the scenery.


A trip through time and space

Wouldn’t you like to take a walk down this amazing street and find out where it leads? Don’t you want to play a little game and imagine who lives here and what they are doing at this calm, serene hour? Perhaps, you can even travel to the past and find yourself standing in this very spot somewhere in the middle of the 18th century. The time and place are up to you to choose. After all, the possibilities of art are limitless!