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A Moderm Vase with Flowers

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $134

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A Modern Vase With Flowers

The genre of still life has been around since ancient times. For centuries, artists have depicted the beauty of inanimate objects creating elegant and intriguing compositions that still fascinate our sight. As art has been changing, though, new styles and forms were introduced revolutionizing all main painting genres, including still life. Strict lines and reserved palette have been replaced by bold colors and distorted proportions. The golden standards of classic composition gave way to daring experiments in tune with the spirit of modernity. This exquisite sample of contemporary still life art is yet another proof that painting flowers can be more than we imagine. 

How to tell plenty in a few strokes

The canvas called ‘A Modern Vase With Flowers’ depicts a bunch of poppies in a tall vase. Quite a simple image, but the treatment is definitely catchy. Vibrant red flowers with gracefully bent stalks and heavy heads edged with fragrant petals seem to glow even brighter against a plain pastel background. The artist intentionally didn’t put in any details indicating just a corner formed by two walls and what seems to be a glass table on which the vase stands. The picture is made with quick chunky strokes that give it a stylish and a bit surreal look. This distinctive painting manner along with the marvelous contrast between blood red poppies and cream-colored walls with an inclusion of gold and black is what makes the canvas so appealing and unusual. A still life like this will look equally nice in a luxurious classic-style parlor and as part of kitchen wall art.

Poppies in your interior decor

The choice of poppies for this still life isn’t coincidental. This flower comes with a wide range of symbolic meanings, and here are some of them:


-    In many cultures, poppies are associated with afterlife and everything that lies ’on the other side’ of our reality. This is a symbol of peace in death, resurrection and messages delivered in dreams. As such, the image of poppies will create a good aura at your place and drive away evil spirits.

-    The juicy, saturated color of poppies has also traditionally been linked to beauty, youth, success and luxury. A bunch of poppies painted on a canvas will give you an instant charge of  energy, desire to live and strive for new achievements!

-    Finally, in the East, red poppies also stand for affection and love. So you can also expect a still life with poppies to bring you luck in heart matters!


Regardless of the meaning you like most, this wonderful flower painting will make a great piece of living room decor or kitchen wall art. Spruce up your interior with the vibrancy of these lovely poppies and paint your walls in colors of spring, passion and success!