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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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In all times, artists have sought inspiration in female beauty. The mysterious charm of women, with their fancy clothes, flirty looks, enticing moves, and all the little tricks that make a man’s head go round, is celebrated on many famous canvases, from the immortal ‘Mona Lisa’ to Modigliani’s ‘Jeannes.’ And as long as the human race exists, female images will occupy a key place in all forms of art – both serious, meaningful compositions that set all our senses to work and decorative pictures and prints that are simply nice to look at. This cute, playful artwork depicting the front and rear view of an elegantly dressed lady with a parasol will add a stylish vintage note to your interior and challenge your understanding of fashion!

A woman from the magazine page

Once you lay eyes on this modern art painting, it carries you back to the very beginning of the century when luxury and sophistication coexisted with frivolity and epatage. And the picture clearly demonstrates that. Designed as an opening of a fashion brochure, it portrays a typical femme fatale parading in her best outfit. Her clothes, accessories and the way she bears herself allows us to suggest she is some kind of a social butterfly – rich, aristocratic, probably the wife of an important person or an heiress of a local mogul. In her long fur coat with a splendid cheetah neckpiece, high-heeled shoes, elegant gloves and fancy hat, she seems to have come off the magazine page. We can’t see her face, because it’s covered by an elegant printed umbrella, but we have no doubt it is as beautiful and well-groomed as her wardrobe. This is a woman who knows her worth and isn’t ashamed of showing it. She is used to rapturous gazes and admiring whispers behind her back. But she remains cold and aloof because real ladies only fall for real men. Whether this image inspires you, entertains you or gives you a sweet jolt of nostalgia, it is great to have around.

Why this painting?

  • - It is simple yet stylish. The curious retro touch makes it a nice designer’s choice.
  • - Its neutral palette and theme will fit into any interior.
  • - The woman in the picture looks attractive and mysterious.
  • - Finally, you can take cues from it for your own looks if you decide to dress up.


The ‘Madam’ from this canvas will become your personal muse and share a bit of her irresistible charm with your apartment. Let her promenade up and down your wall and she will make your place shine!