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Stained II

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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Stained II

Ever since Kandinsky and Malevich, geometric abstraction has become a hot trend in modern art. And while it seems that making a succession of varicolored lines and quadrates requires no special talent and skill, some of such paintings are sold and forgotten and some, like the famous Black Square or Mondrian’s tableaus, go down in history. How does our eye distinguish a random geometric pattern from a work of art and what is the recipe for creating one? There is no clear answer. But, without doubt, geometric art is indispensable if you are aiming for a sleek, stylish and contemporary-looking interior design. Here are a few reasons to decorate your home with paintings of the kind.

What makes geometric paintings so interior-friendly?

-    They are neat, trendy and appealing. A picture like that will always be to the point.

-    They are universal and fit nicely into any interior. You can use geometric art in both traditional and experimental contexts.

-    They work well with any other decorative patterns and wall art regardless of their style and theme. You don't have to worry about matching them o the rest of your room design.

-    Geometric abstractions can be seen as a form of art therapy. Various versions of color grids and circle patterns can produce relaxing and invigorating effects on the viewer reducing your stress level and improving your mood.


When shape and color work together

With all the benefits of geometric art described above, you will definitely consider adorning one of your walls with this vibrant canvas representing a composition built of rectangular blocks of different color and size. Its neutral palette and proportions will make a perfect addition to your furnishings. A pleasant combination of muted orange, beige, brown and green will calm you down and help recharge after a stressful day without overloading the eye. Even shapes and straight lines create an impression of substantiality and finality. High-quality oil paints applied over a premium cotton canvas will add an exquisite touch to the appearance of your living space. This painting will look equally appropriate in a snappy studio apartment and at a strict manager’s office.  Decorate your place in geometric style and go for minimalistic elegance with a nifty Mondrian-inspired abstraction!