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Modern Dance

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $134

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Modern Dance

The art of interpreting art

In the past couple of centuries, art has made a long way from purely representational to highly conditional. A few hundred years ago, you could safely say the painting you were looking it meant just what you saw in it. Today, though, you can never be sure. And it’s a good thing! There has never been as much freedom of interpretation as in our time. No matter how well-versed in art you are, no matter whether you are an artist or not, you are still authorized to pass a verdict and nobody can categorically deny it. This contemporary oil painting is just of the kind. It is called ‘Modern Dance’ and it is up to you to decide who dances here and how!

The dance of associations

At first sight, it is just a scattering of paints splashed across the canvas. But if you keep your eyes fixed on the painting for a certain time, you will get pulled away by the wild train of associations. Here are just some of the options that may pop up in your mind:

  • - This is a top view of a dancing crowd somewhere at a carnival or town holiday. The red dots and blots are figures of people as seen from above.
  • - At the bottom of the painting, you can see combinations of lines suggesting two human silhouettes. They stand back to back, their legs lifted symmetrically and their arms swinging in time with the rhythm.
  • - The chaotic red splashes on the canvas can also symbolize the passion of the dance and the whirlpool of fire that pulls you inside as your body moves together with the music.


Furnish your place with color and style

Whatever explanation you prefer (perhaps you have a very different idea of your own about the meaning of this canvas!), a stylish and thought-provoking painting like this will surely become a great decoration for your four bare walls. It will fit nicely into any interior, whether a classically furnished parlor or a minimalistic tech-driven loft apartment, and demonstrate your impeccable taste in art to everyone who steps into the room. Buy this exquisite piece of modern art online on our site and we will make sure it is delivered right at your doorstep safely and promptly!