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Nicholas Roerich Everest 1931

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Nicholas Roerich painting combines a few layers which are painted over with thin and thick brushes.

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Nicholas Roerich ‘Everest 1931’

Mountains have always fascinated us with their majestic grace and tremendous force. Rising higher than anything else in the world, they make us feel so small and insignificant against their unshakable mass. Hundreds and thousands of years come and go, but they keep their eternal watch over the blooming meadows and snow-covered abysses as if time itself has no power over them. It is any wonder so many magnificent paintings are dedicated to mountains? From classic landscapes that came from under the brush of legendary artists to modern avant-garde experiments, noble mountain panoramas dressed in sparkling paints inevitably take our breath away. Here is yet another mountain view brilliantly performed by Russian symbolist Nicholas Roerich that will strike your eye.

In the wilderness

Aside from being one of the most talented Russian painters of the time, Nicholas Roerich was also an avid traveler and studied archeology striving to gain insight into the history of mysterious ancient civilizations. In 1925, he set off for an extensive Asian expedition that brought him all the way to Tibet. It was an equally harsh and amazing experience. For almost a year, the group was thought to be lost. They spent the winter in tents, in extreme temperature conditions, and had to survive on scarce rations that were barely enough to sustain their life. Five of the men died. But even a shocking outcome like that didn’t shut his eyes to the incredible beauty of the Himalayas. On returning home, Roerich created a series of paintings offering showing Everest and the surrounding sceneries from different angles. One of them, ‘Everest 1931,’ can end up on your wall as a marvelous oil reproduction created by our skillful artists!

The depth of simplicity

The landscape offers a broad panorama of the Himalayan Mountains with the summit of Everest rising in the center. The artist didn’t aim to reach maximum plausibility. We can’t see familiar detailing, careful light treatment or any other features that make a painting look almost like a photo. It rather resembles a sketch where all elements of the composition are reduced to the effect they produce on the viewer, liberated from conventional forms and representational colors:

  • - A few dark shapes in the foreground indicating a chain of boulders that are closest to the viewer.
  • - A dense shroud of clouds curling at the edge of the precipice.
  • - Plain blue outlines of distant mountains.
  • - The dignified, shapely colossus of Mount Everest with its snow-covered peaks that seems to be carved in ice.
  • - Flat blue sky overhead without any tonal variations or light effects.


Largely illustrative and very simple, ‘Everest 1931’ nevertheless charms us with its elegant finality and minimalistic poetry. The delicate palette and wistful mood of this exquisite modern oil painting will add a meditative note to your interior. We are happy to offer you its high-quality hand-painted replica that aptly repeats Roerich’s brushwork. Feel the fresh breath of the Himalayas at your own place with this splendid reproduction of the actual landscape!