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The Dancer 1

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $149

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The power of large wall art

Have you ever thought about adorning your home with a piece of large wall art? If the answer is yes, then you know how difficult it may be. There are certain points that you should take into consideration to find the best canvas and fit it into your house.


-    Large wall art is rather difficult to arrange, because you need a big apartment with spacious rooms and walls. Make sure that the painting stands outand isn’t overlapped by furniture.

-    If there are other artworks on the walls, keep in mind that large wall art isn’t the best neighbor for small canvases, because they will look insignificant and lose their prettiness, even if they are very attractive. In this case you should think about arranging them into different rooms.

-    Think about an overall color scheme of your room in order to keep balance. There are warm and cold shades, so you should decide whether you want to make a contrast, or compliment your design with complementary hues.


The dancing lady

This elegant large wall art takes you to a club where passionate dancers perform flamenco and share their emotions with you. In the foreground, you may observe a young lady, and she is obviously the star of this evening. Her eyes are closed, and she listens to the music, without paying attention to the audience. Her face is serious, because she is telling a story through her dance, and this moment must be full of emotional tension. The dancer’s hair is pulled into a careless tuft, as if she is dancing in front of her friends, and she can let herself be unrestrained and free. This slender woman is dressed in a dark gown, and it merges with a background that is rather vague. You may find dim and obscure silhouettes there, but you can’t say whether they really exist, or it is simply the play of light on the walls. There is something red on the skirt and it may be a bright ribbon or fire that she stroke with her passionate moves. The painting is done in cold palette, and even yellow and red spots aren’t bright enough to make a warm contrast. If you like portraits, this one is especially good, because it isn’t just a nice picture – it really tells a story, and you can find out all the mysteries by yourself.