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The Dancer 4

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $149

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The passionate dancer

Those faces around us

We live in a very populated world in which we are surrounded by people. Escaping humanity is probably possible only if we go to a desert island. People of various races, age and social status can be seenin the streets, at work, at home, on TV screens, and everyone is unique and special. Some of them are complete strangers, others are dear to our hearts, and we want to stay as close to them as possible. We decorate the walls of our homes with family portraits and big posters of our favorite actors, singers and other celebrities, making them part of our life. When you wake up and see inspiring pictures of beautiful people, you get a charge of positive mood and inspiration. Those preferring portraits to other genres of visual arts will likely find paintings of dancers very attractive. If you are looking for an impeccable sample of wall art decor, you should pay attention to an exquisite painting of this gorgeous woman performing an impressive dance. You can enjoy every trait of her beautiful face, her confident posture and feel the magical aura of her dance!

Freedom of passionate moves

-    The portrait depicts a young woman with a pretty face, delicate light skin and dark hair that is gently caressing her back. Her eyes are closed, because she doesn’t need to rely on them to be a perfect dancer; she feels the music with her heart. Her head is a bit bent, and you can only anticipate her passionate outburst, when she will open her big eyes and set the tension free.

-    The dancer is wearing a dark dress with a tight top part that accentuates her impeccable waistand a loose skirt that doesn’t limit her moves. She is holding her skirt with her hands, ready to perform a gracious movement that will make your heart beat in the rhythm of flamenco.

-    The background is violet with a bright spot of yellow light that highlights the dancer’s arms and face. The colors are winding in waves creating an enigmatic and enchanting atmosphere. There is nothing else in the picture except this beautiful lady; she is the central and only figure on the canvas. Since the portrait is painted in warm shades with a few warm accents, it will suit any interior design and become an ideal decoration for an apartment with pastel walls.