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Portrait Oil Painting

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Your painting will be painted on a cotton canvas which absorbs oil better than a synthetic canvas. It is fully handmade by one of our talented artists who use a thin brush first and a thinner brush for the fine details. This technique is required in order to achieve maximum accuracy and in order to bring life to the painting.
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Starting from $209

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Additional Information

Oil Portrait From a Photo

We all try to capture memorable moments and keep them alive before our eyes. That’s why we invented a camera. But nothing will save the beauty of a scene better than a well-made oil painting, portraits created by a caring hand of an artist rather than simply snatched with a click of the shutter have that special warm glow and vivacity of colors you will never see on a photo. Sparkling oil paints bring the face on the canvas to life and reveal the person’s genuine charisma. It is a great way to commemorate family meetings, romantic dates and simply your own fancy looks – and an elegant addition to any interior. So why don’t you give it a shot?

Quick, convenient and affordable!

Some may say posing for a portrait requires too much time and patience. But to get it done, you don’t have to spend hours glued to the chair! Our talented artists will create a vivid and lifelike oil portrait of you or any other person of your choice based on the provided photo. Just upload an image you would like to convert into a painting and we’ll do the rest without your participation! Within a discussed timeframe, you’ll get a hand-painted copy of your photo, only better! The portrait will be performed on premium cotton canvas with thin brushes to achieve maximum accuracy and capture all the fine details. Your face will shine and so will your apartment!

Points to consider while making a purchase

  • - Make sure to provide a high-resolution photo with sharp focus
  • - The main subject should take up most of the frame. Please crop unneeded background before uploading the picture.
  • - Select one of the proportions: square, normal, semi panoramic or panoramic. If you chose a wrong proportion, don’t worry, we will decrease the height/width of the canvas to fit the format of your photo.
  • - Regular portrait sizes include 12x16”, 16x20”, 20x24” and 24x30”. If you need a larger painting, contact us for details.
  • - Painting a portrait from a half/ full body photo will also require a bigger canvas.


Oil portrait to order is a nice choice for everyone willing to add some color and character to their interior. It is also an original and personal gift that will impress your dearest and nearest. Give a new life to your photos by dipping them into paint!