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A Bowl with Apples in the Sun

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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A Bowl with Apples in the Sun

The long way of the genre

Still life has gone through a long period of evolution, from ancient times to modern styles. Once a purely decorative type of art, it has grown into an independent genre and took its rightful place among such fundamentals of painting as landscape, portrait, etc. Nowadays, artists aren’t limited by particular themes and composition rules and are free to choose their own interpretation of still life. This modern-style bowl of apples is yet another proof to that. Let’s see what’s so peculiar about it.

Why apples?

The symbol of apple is a very old and very mysterious one. While intuitively we associated it with life, joy and fertility, there are many other cultural contexts surrounding this fruit. Here are the most significant of them:

  • - In many religions, apple is seen as a mystical fruit that embodies forbidden knowledge and magical powers, often dark ones. This symbol is particularly familiar to us from the Bible.
  • - In Greek mythology, apple signified cunning and trickery. According to the legend, the notorious Apple of Discord placed on the wedding table by Eris led to one of the greatest wars in human history as Paris chose to give it to Aphrodite after she promised him Elena’s love.
  • - A large number of myths depict apple as the fruit of eternal youth. Deprived of magical golden apples stolen by Loki, Scandinavian gods started to age.
  • - Celts still celebrate October, 31st by giving so-called Allan apples to their family and friends as a talisman supposed to bring good luck and wealth.


Classic composition in modern style

This still life is of a somewhat different variety than similar wall art paintings we are used to seeing in our friends’ homes. Although its composition is pretty simple, with just one central element and no distinct backdrop, it looks incredibly stylish and exquisite. While painting the apples themselves realistically and unsophisticatedly, the artist surrounded them with a surreal, glowing background of gold and dark bronze. The combination of two luminescent colors adds more mystery and gothic splendor to this seemingly obvious still life. Performed on high-quality canvas with multiple layers of oil paint, it will look marvelous in any interior. Add this charming bowl of apples to your kitchen or living room décor by purchasing it online on DocoArt!