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Purple Vase with Flowers

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with a pallet knife in order to rich texture. The extra texture on the vase and flowers creates some depth.

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Starting from $134

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Purple Vase With Flowers

A bouquet for a romantic

There always comes a day when you face the same conundrum: buying a present on a certain occasion for your friend, relative or beloved one. If you know the tastes of that person well enough, the choice shouldn’t pose much of a problem. But what if you are lost in doubt? Then follow the infallible recipe: go with something creative. Beautiful and stylish art gifts are the best way to please anyone, and there are many kinds of things you may present:


- Inspiring painting depicting nature, urban views, flowers and other cute stuff.

- Portrait of the person you are about to congratulate.

- Fancy figurine or sculpture associated with the recipient’s interests.

- Oils, pens, polymer clay or embroidery sets depending on if this person goes in for some kind of handmade themselves.

- Unique DIY piece of art that will definitely make the right impression on the one you love.


As you can see, there are a whole lot of interesting ideas to choose from. It all depends solely on your desire to surprise and creative fantasy. If you decided to stick with classics and present a painting, this lovely canvas will work just fine for the tender gender!

Tenderness and passion in one vase

This elegant artwork is painted in oil with a palette knife, but the lines are so delicate, as if drawn with the thinnest brush. The canvas is a great example of still life that will set a cheerful mood for the whole apartment. A small bouquet in a graceful vase consists of three open poppy buds that are incredibly catchy because of their passionate red color. There are also other flowers in the vase, though they are smaller and not so bright. We can notice two big flowers, while and yellow, but it’s hard to distinguish what type they are. Several tiny buds painted in light red add bright accents and volume to the bouquet. The flowers start fading, and you can trace a couple of petals on the white table cloth, but they are still full of beauty and life. The background is a plain pastel-shaded wall against which the vibrancy of the flowers is even more visible. Complex, layered texture adds charm and depth to the composition making the elements look livelier and more enticing.