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Sundown Energy

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This painting is painted with a thin brush and thin layers of oil.

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Starting from $134

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Sundown Energy

Flow of consciousness

For centuries, artists have depicted the surrounding world trying to make their work look as realistic as possible. Now you don’t even have to ‘dress’ your perception of the subject in a distinct shape. Abstract art has proclaimed freedom of expression empowering you to use just about any artistic means that springs up in your mind to make a point. Whether your abstraction is a tricky mess of lines or a plain pattern of colors, it carries an underlying message that’s up to the viewer to decipher. See how a single clue from the painting’s name can trigger a slew of associations uncovering the artist’s original idea, exemplified by this beautiful abstraction called ‘Sundown Energy.’

Light as color

Have you ever wondered what sunlight actually is? It has no shape, no outlines; we can’t touch it, can’t really see it. It’s neither an object nor a substance. In fact, we can only describe it by how it affects the appearance of other objects. Light in painting is expressed through color, since it can be broken down into a sequence of hues that will also prevail in the landscape depending on the time of the day, the position of the sun and the amount of clouds in the sky. Thus, the same scenery can look quite differently on an overcast day or when the sun is high in the sky, at dawn or at sunset, in summer or in winter. These properties of light were carefully studied and successfully used by Impressionists to capture the fleeting charm of nature. But can you paint light as it is? The author of ‘Sundown Energy’ gave it a shot.

A glimpse through a prism

This eye-catching and colorful abstraction confronts the viewer with deep, warm shades of the sunset arranged as a combination of uneven vertical stripes:

  • - Dark brown and saturated mahogany form a base that sets off all the other colors.
  • - Basic red adds brightness and vigor to the composition.
  • - Various hues of orange and yellow are used to create soft transitions and stark contrasts.
  • - Pale pink, fading off into almost white, balances out the intensity of the primary palette.


Looking how these hues interact with each other, we can recognize the entire spectrum of the setting sun – mysterious, poetic and mesmerizing. Don’t you think this painting will look lovely in your room? Buy ‘Sundown Energy’ on our site and add a touch of evening romance to your surroundings!