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A Tree in the Desert

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. Painted with different brushes with many layers of oil. The thick texture creates additional depth and perspective.

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Starting from $149

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A Tree In The Desert

Life always gets its way

Ever since the emergence of life on earth, there is one thing that unites all creatures existing on its surface - desire to live, striving for survival. This is the basic instinct that drives everything and everyone on our planet, from the smallest bacterias to the biggest mammals. Even in the most unfriendly and desolate corners of earth, we can still find traces of life that keeps smoldering under meters of Polar snow, in the impenetrable depths of the ocean and amidst the sun-burnt sands of Sahara. This philosophical abstract painting once again reminds us of the great power capable of breaking through rock and ice, taking root where there seems to be nothing to hold on to and triumphing against all odds - the power of life.

Mysterious vision

Looking at this picture, you are instantly carried away to a distant land cloaked in the hot breathe of the desert. There, surrounded by bare sand and the same sandy, lifeless sky, grows a strange tree. Its blackness stands out sharply against the pale backdrop of monotonous desert landscape. The tree is sturdy and branchy; its numerous twigs bristle from the thickness of its massive crown filling a good portion of the canvas. While the plant seems dead, nearly ominous at first, you can notice that it’s nevertheless dotted with tiny leafs, black as the tree that gave birth to them. The painting itself is divided into three parts. The central one, containing the image of the tree, is sided by two vertical sections of a slightly different coloring filled with some mystical geometric patterns and symbols. Since it’s an abstract painting, you are free to decipher it as you wish. We can only offer a couple of our own ideas. 

The meaning of the picture


-    The artist might have tried to show the unbreakable force of life that can thrive even in the desert, but that eventually reaches its logical end - rotten wood and dry, blackened leaves.

-    Or maybe the tree, along with the enigmatic signs accompanying it, symbolizes the benefits of solitude and wisdom found only in hardships?

-    It may also represent mystical forces that have unseen influence on our lives or sacred knowledge forever lost (or safely hidden?) under the sands of time.

-    Finally, the image might be simply a collage of associations with the unfathomable spirit of the desert - ancient, harsh and admirable.


Whatever explanation you choose, a painting like this will make a great decoration for any room. Fill your place with the mysterious aura of faraway sands and hear the voice of long bygone times in the rustling of its onyx branches!