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Van Gogh Church at Auvers

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Van Gogh Church at Auvers Reproduction is painted with thick layers of oil to reflect the style which was used by Van Gogh.

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Starting from $149

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Van Gogh ‘Church at Auvers’

Like every impressionist, Van Gogh paid ultimate attention to color and light. On his trips around France, he searched for sceneries where these qualities would enhance and harmonize with each other. One of them is ‘The Church at Auvers’ depicting a building that actually exists in a small village not far from Paris. Of course, Van Gogh couldn’t paint a landscape just as it was. Look close and you’ll notice the hidden clues left by the artist…

No doors, no hands

The painting shows a picturesque countryside view – an old Gothic church against a clear blue sky, surrounded by sunny green meadows and orange house roofs. Its hexagonal annexes, whimsical windows and graceful clock tower form a marvelous ensemble that catches the eye in a multitude of fine details. However, there is something disturbing in this seemingly idyllic scenery. The lush grass with dots of blooming flowers and the forking sand alley in the foreground are brightly illuminated by the sun, but the building remains in its own shadow neither reflecting nor emitting any light. The stained-glass windows are painted over with dull ultramarine giving us no opportunity to even guess what’s inside. There are no doors visible; no hands on the clock. Despite all its architectural splendor, the building looks rather unwelcoming. This strange reticent structure caught between the warm-hued landscape and the menacing cobalt swirls in the sky seems to be a subtle metaphor hinting at Van Gogh’s early religious experience. Even a solitary female figure on the alley we would expect to be heading to the church is actually walking past it as if wasn’t there.

Mystical facts

  • - The painting was completed just one month before Van Gogh’s death.
  • - Few know that Van Gogh was going to become a priest, but eventually gave up on Christianity. The canvas is considered to be an expression of criticism against the official religion that, according to the artist, tries to replace faith with blind dogmas.
  • - Van Gogh was buried in Auvers, but the church refused to run a funeral mass for him because he was thought to have committed a suicide.


However, despite all the dismal symbolism, Van Gogh ‘Church at Auvers’ is first and foremost a spectacular painting worthy of hanging on your wall. Our hand-painted oil replica, meticulously copied from the original, will successfully play that role! Decorate your interior with this colorful rural landscape and enjoy Van Gogh’s signature brushwork even though performed with another hand!