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Van Gogh Starry Night

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Oil on a premium cotton canvas. This Van Gogh Starry Night Reproduction is painted with thick layers of oil to reflect the style which was used by Van Gogh.

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Starting from $149

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Van Gogh ‘The Starry Night’

If there is a painting immediately synonymous with Van Gogh’s name, it’s ‘The Starry Night.’ With its vibrant colors and whirling shapes, it sends us flying through phantasmagoric scenery born in the delirious mind of the mad genius. We never get tired of looking at it. And, of course, discussing its singularity.

Wonders in heaven and on earth

The canvas portrays the view from the artist’s bedroom window in the mental asylum where he was admitted after losing his ear. Struggling to keep his senses together, the artist sought peace in nature. He painted ‘The Starry Night’ just before sunrise, capturing the dance of the last stars in the dawning sky, effusively bright against mysterious milky blue spirals that seem to be tumbling in the open space. Below, in the gray morning haze, lies a quite village hugged by soft round hills. Repeated short strokes and undulating lines create a strong sense of movement. Everything in the picture seems to be flowing, rolling and spinning, as if pulled in by an invisible vortex. The landscape would have looked serene and happy if not for one disturbing detail – a crooked cypress tree in the foreground. Looming dark and ominous just within arm’s reach, it casts an eerie shadow over the sleeping valley, like a haunting image from a bad dream that still stands before your eyes even after you wake up. The strange, mystical harmony of this painting cannot be described in words – it’s something you should discover for yourself.

Interesting facts

  • - Van Gogh actually painted a total of 21 variations of the view: at sunrise, at moonrise, on sunny, windy and overcast days and even when it was raining. However, ‘The Starry Night’ is the only nocturnal oil painting in the series.
  • - The biggest star in the picture, right of the cypress tree, seems to be Venus that rises in the East at dawn.
  • - The church spire in the backdrop was probably ‘borrowed’ from the artist’s homeland. It strongly resembles Dutch architecture and looks untypical for France.
  • - Some believe the notorious cypress tree can be a symbol of death, bridging the earth and the sky. Traditionally, it is also associated with graveyards and mourning.


Sincerely yours, Van Gogh

It’s no wonder you, too, adore this beautiful painting. And if you’re not quite happy with a dull print of ‘Starry Night’ on your wall, we offer you a hand-made replica that looks almost undistinguishable from the original retaining the brightness of colors, texture of paint and warmth of human touch! Replace the real ‘Starry Night’ with our reproduction and illuminate your home with the surreal stars of Van Gogh’s immortal talent!